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Will there be an Parse enhanced UICollectionViewController?

59 votes 12 answers 7.1k views about 3 years ago

Will there be an custom UICollectionViewController that handles automatic loading and management of the objects array for us, like what you did on PFQueryTableViewController?

12 Answers

That would be interesting. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll update my answer if we release something like this.


Yep, I'd vote for that one too!

I voted for that!

Just a quick usage of this: Imagine a UICollectionViewController that displays Magazine issues. It handles them either automatically by Parse schedule notification to check for new issue or manual notification. And all are integrated with auto-renewal subscription and Parse in-app purchase!

Thanks for the idea.

I agree with this one, it would be a huge win for developers and Parse


This would be a great addition to the SDK.






This would make parse even more of a keeper! :)