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UIRefreshControl in PFQueryTableViewController

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Any plans to support the new UIRefreshControl for iOS 6 users? It looks kind of cool.

For backwards compatibility you could continue using the current pull-to-refresh, or there are a few which look like they emulate UIRefreshControl (e.g. ODRefreshControl, SlimeRefresh).

You can actually disable the native parse one and use the IOS API like I did. I was forced to do this because because of the geoPoint API.

- Martin Tran about 4 years ago

4 Answers

Makes sense. I'll see how soon we can add this to our framework.

I just stumbled onto this question, but it's straight-forward to use the iOS 6 refreshControl in a PFQueryTableViewController subclass

(1) create a method to use with target action that calls loadObjects (check PFQueryViewController header file)

- (IBAction)refresh:(id)sender {
    [self loadObjects];

(2) In IB, with your custom subclass scene selected, set Refreshing enabled in the attributes inspector

(3) In viewDidLoad add the target action to self.refreshControl (workaround for the well known refreshControl IB bug)

- (void)viewDidLoad {
    [super viewDidLoad];

    // IB workaround for target action with refreshControl
    [self.refreshControl addTarget:self

(4) Turn off the animation in objectsDidLoad

- (void)objectsDidLoad:(NSError *)error {
    [super objectsDidLoad:error];

    [self.refreshControl endRefreshing];

Hey @colinhb, I personally don't have time trying this out, but thanks!

P.S: I was in love when Parse developers used to release new SDK features day–by–day, but they seem too busy with third–party service integrations nowadays, no new features or improvements...

- Ali Servet Donmez about 4 years ago

This worked. Thanks!!

- Veeral Patel about 4 years ago


@Matt, it still ain't there yet, but I came up with my own, you could give it a try if you like: