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How do I track questions that I'm interested in?

11 votes 6 answers 4.77k views about 4 years ago

If I ask a question, I get an email when someone answers it. If I vote for a question, I'm not certain I always get an email when there is a response.

Is there a way to call up all the questions that I've voted for?

6 Answers

Hi Mark, we don't currently send emails to people that voted for a question or answer. It's an interesting idea to have a way to see all voted questions or to be able to track interesting questions in some way. We'll definitely look into it! Do you have any other thought on the subject you'd like to share?

  • A button that takes me to the list of all the things I've voted on.
  • An option to send an email every time someone comments on a topic I've voted on.
  • There are no dates on questions or answers. It'd be nice to know how old the topic is you've looking at.

What I find is that I run across questions that I also want an answer to, but there is no easy way to mark those questions to come back to later or to find out when they were answered.

- Mark Krenek over 4 years ago

Thanks for the feedback! We'll look into it! Note that there is a time stamp on all answers and questions right below the poster's name and beside the picture :)

- Mattieu Gamache-Asselin over 4 years ago

For example, there was no easy way for me to realize that you made another comment (the one just above this) or when this happened. I do sometimes get emails when someone comments, but I think it's only on the first comment.

- Mark Krenek over 4 years ago

Here's another one: delete your answers/comments. :) I keep forgetting that I'm answering rather than commenting!

- Nik ita over 4 years ago

Although what if you have comments under an answer... Yeah maybe not delete outright. How about a short time window to do so right after posting? Might enable posters to keep the threads cleaner (like me ;) ).

- Nik ita over 4 years ago

I suggest a "Subscribe to this question" button that would allow us to a. view all the forum post questions under My Account and/or b.) notify me by email if I had set that up on my account. I don't necessarily want to vote on a topic..especially if there are no answers but, like today, I bookmark the page so I can go back and see if anyone answered the questions. It's a little difficult to find my own forum post.

- Joe Corriere over 4 years ago

I second Mark's suggestions. Timestamps under comments help as well! Perhaps a 'solved' flag might be interesting?

Oops, ignore that. Didn't realise the little checkmark meant 'resolved'.

- Nik ita over 4 years ago

Proper formatting on the comments would be great also! Having everything concatenated into one paragraph as is currently is not easy to read.

How about sort-by-date option. I frequently want to check if any interesting new questions or answers have been posted. Display sequence seems to be random.

Also, there seem to be 3 filters for posts 'Popular' 'Active' 'Resolved' - what about an 'All' option.

Also, how about an option to see all questions I have asked, answered or commented on.

- Ben Goodman over 4 years ago

Sort by date - latest questions!!

- Fred van Rijswijk over 4 years ago

I can't find the questions asked by a specific user, or by myself; there is no notification system or anything on the account page that lists what questions you've asked.

I find it quite hard to find the question I've asked and don't want to trawl through pages of the forum to find it

Hi There is "See my actives" under your Profile picture at the right panel. You can find few stuff there including your questions that you've asked.

Hope it helps.

- maziyar PANAHI about 4 years ago