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Does Parse plan to roll out any feature for supporting PassKit passes in apps?

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Hey guys,

I am making a passbook app and was just wondering if you guys were working on something for passkit passes.

Please let me know and I can thus plan accordingly.

Thanks Sumeru

PS Great service btw!

We don't have anything supporting pass kit at the moment, but your up votes and comments can help us gauge interest in this feautre.

- Mattieu Gamache-Asselin over 4 years ago

That would make Parse a one-stop-backend-shop.

- twisted over 4 years ago

Just wanted to add my support ... this would be a GREAT feature for Parse.

- Christian Kessler over 4 years ago

any progress?

- Evan Davis almost 4 years ago

Hey, just as a tip, the Passbook world is changing rapidly, just "creating a pass" turns out to be pretty useless, having scripted, multi-pass updates is more important. Parse might want to wait for it to shake out. See this iOS dev meet up:

- Jim Brickman over 3 years ago

We would LOVE to see this feature added.

- PunkStar Studios Inc. over 3 years ago

5 Answers

Support for PassKit is a highly expected feature.

Passbook support is way overdue Parse! We are ready to build a big business with Parse, but this lack of passbook support is stopping us. Please look into it!

Looks like there is yet no support for Passbook on PARSE. What is the recommended approach? Is there any other platform to easily segment my PARSE users and then use that data to send a Passbook coupon?

Thanks Gonzalo

Can you explain in detail what exactly you'd like to see Parse provide in this area?

- Héctor Ramos over 3 years ago

Ideally, I'd like to segment my PARSE users and then send each of them a Pass, with some customization options. Since PARSE does not support Pass generation and delivery, Im considering using another third party like PassKit or Passdock for that. My request would be some sample code to mix both services or a recommendation on how to do it.

- Gonzalo Floría over 3 years ago

You should be able to use a third party service to generate them. Passbook gets interesting when you actually use push to update them. Any interest on that?

- Héctor Ramos over 3 years ago

Using push to update is also interesting. Is that possible via Parse?

- Gonzalo Floría over 3 years ago

While Passbook leverages APNS just like push notifications do, I don't think it's possible to specify a custom payload with Parse that would trigger a Passbook update instead of a notification.

- Héctor Ramos over 3 years ago

Yeah, passbook support would be huge. Even huger would be iBeacon marketing Platform or iBeacon Managing backend.

I love Parse and I totally would even pay some bucks for this service!