Get all the power of Parse in PHP.

Everything you need to build PHP scripts and sites

The Parse PHP SDK allows you to store data, manage users, send push notifications, track analytics, and more in just a few lines of code. Integrate it into your new or existing PHP app.

Code what you know

Get all the power of Parse in PHP. Our goal is to minimize configuration and let you quickly start building your PHP app on Parse.

Open Source

The source for the PHP SDK is completely open. We welcome contributions to make the SDK even better.

Connect your app to the cloud

The Parse Cloud handles your entire backend so your team can focus on making an engaging user experience. Don’t worry about databases, performance, or scaling.

Save data with ease.

Save flexible data objects to the cloud with SDKs for every platform. No servers necessary

Work with native objects in just a few lines of code. We do all the hard work.

Learn more by reading our Documentation.

// Create a new object
$post = ParseObject::create(“Post”);
$post->set(“title”, “Hello World”);

// Save it to Parse
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