Parse Analytics

Track any data point in your app in real-time.

Find & Fix Crashes

Get visibility into how your app is crashing, complete with stack traces and metadata to help you fix bugs. Easily monitor new app versions to make sure regressions don't happen.

Measure App Usage

View your app open rates and API request data via the Parse dashboard. See real-time analytics on API requests based on REST verbs, device type, and Parse class being accessed.

Optimize Push Campaigns

Monitor the effectiveness of your push campaigns with powerful and easy-to-use analytics tools. View open rates for your entire push strategy or measure individual push notification open rates.

Track Custom Analytics

With a single line of code, track any data point you can imagine in your app. Simply send us the data and we'll break it down for you in the Analytics dashboard.

Growth Analytics

Measure active users, installations, retention data, and more with Growth Analytics. Understand exactly how your new launches are received and how many people come back for more.

Powerful Dashboard

View all of your app usage, push campaigns, and custom analytics in the user-friendly Parse dashboard. Overlay graphs, filter by date, and more to gain insight into the effectiveness of your app.

Share data between platforms

Measure Everything

Straight out of the box your application will track app opens, push opens, API requests, device type, and REST verbs. You don't have to do anything extra to measure some of the most important metrics.

Track Custom Data Points

With only a single line of code, your app can send custom data points back to Parse for tracking and beautifully displaying trend lines in the Parse dashboard.

NSDictionary *dimensions = @{
  @"priceRange": @"1000-1500",
  @"customerType": @"renter",
  @"age": @"22-25"

// Send the dimensions to Parse along with the 'search' event
[PFAnalytics trackEvent:@"search" dimensions:dimensions];

Overlay Graphs

With multi-graph overlay, display your app's custom data points on the same graph with Parse's out of the box analytics. Look for correlating trends in your app's behavior and make educated decisions to increase performance and engagement.

Real-Time, Real Easy

View and analyze your data as soon as your app sends it to Parse. With real-time analytics, never wait to see how your app or push campaigns are performing.

Save Filters and Breakdowns

Filter your data based on date, type of device, and more to create filtered reports for later consumption.

Get up to speed with how Parse Analytics works.

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