Parse Core




You can set this request limit anytime, for each app.

You can change your request limit for each app individually from the Account Overview page. We will charge you $100/month per incremental 10 requests/second, prorated hourly.Learn more
File Storage
$0.03/GB extra
Database Storage
$200/20GB extra
Data Transfer
$0.10/GB extra
Background Jobs
Concurrent job

Parse Push

1 million unique recipients

$0.05 per 1,000 recipients extra

You can send an unlimited number of push notifications to up to 1 million unique recipients for free. Above that, we will charge you $0.05 per extra 1,000 monthly unique recipients. 'Unique recipients' is the number of distinct devices a push notification is sent to in a given month. If a particular device receives multiple push notifications in a month, that only counts as one 'unique recipient'. If a particular user owns multiple devices, and a push notification is sent to each of these devices, that will count as multiple 'unique recipients'.Learn more

Parse Analytics


You can send us your analytics events any time without being limited by your app's request limit.Learn more

You get all this for each app. Pricing is per month, prorated hourly.