“Without Parse, the Food Network app wouldn’t have all the features we wanted”

Alex Fajkowski, mobile developer, Sequence
About Sequence
  • Sequence is a creative development agency based in San Francisco, CA
  • Their extensive customer list includes Apple, Chevron, Disney, Google, Salesforce and many more.
  • Sequence used Parse to launch the Food Network On the Road app.

Food Network on the road

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Food Network on the road

With their more than impressive client list, Sequence is one of the top creative development agencies creating mobile apps today. When they were approached by The Food Network to begin working on a mobile app, Sequence used Parse for their mobile backend. The On the Road app brings viewers of The Food Network’s most popular shows together with the delicious restaurants featured in the channel’s lineup. The app allows users to share photos taken at the restaurant, review meals, and determine how close they are to the more than 3000 restaurants featured on shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives or Boys Meets Grill.

Alex Fajkowski, Mobile Developer at Sequence, found Parse’s platform to be reliable, easy to use, and scalable. Alex says, “I don’t want to have a pager with me to support a server that goes down and with Parse, I don’t have that extra burden”. When asked how much time he estimated was saved by using Parse, Alex was clear that “without Parse, the Food Network app wouldn’t have all of the key features we were able to include”.

Dan Lim, Client Services Director, was particularly impressed with Parse’s documentation and ease-to-launch. “I took a look at the documentation and within minutes, I clearly understood Parse’s functionality. Easily some of the best documentation we’ve seen” says Dan.

By using the Parse platform, Sequence was able to save valuable developer time, remove the stress associated with server management, and include essential features, like photo sharing, in the On the Road app.



“My favorite thing about Parse is definitely simplicity. Creating server-side APIs can get complicated really fast. Parse's framework is dead simple. As a developer I get to spend more time thinking about an app from the user's perspective rather than worrying about server issues like maintenance, modeling data, security, and scaling.”

Alex Fajkowski, Mobile Developer, Sequence
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