Support Policy

Parse offers tools to help users running applications on the Parse Platform. These include Bug Reporting Tools, Billing Inquiries, and Community Channels, and are listed in our Help page for your convenience.

Last Updated: 7/1/2014

Official Channels

Bug Reports

Parse provides a Bug Reporting Tool to assist with bug reports. Parse's bug support offering is available only for official SDKs and APIs provided by Parse. Parse actively monitors and helps users resolve bugs and incidents.

Parse supports the following use cases for bug reports:

Parse does not offer support for the following through the bug report system:

Bug requests will only be processed if:

Billing Inquiries

Parse provides a Billing Inquiry Tool to assist with the following use cases:

Parse does not offer support for the following through the billing inquiry system:


Parse Bug Reporting & Billing Support offers 8×5 coverage. Hours are 9am - 5pm Pacific Time, Monday - Friday, excluding US Holidays.

Community Help

Parse team members participate in community channels at Parse's discretion but we do not guarantee any response or resolution to issues beyond those submitted through the official bug and billing channels. We participate in and encourage peer-to-peer support and discussion in the following communities:

Platform Status

The Parse Cloud Platform is monitored 24x7 by comprehensive automated systems. In the event of any issue affecting the health and operation of Parse's infrastructure, core systems, or tools, our dedicated operations team is notified and will work to immediately diagnose and correct any issues. Our Help page reflects our current platform status and we also maintain Parse Status and @ParseStatus Twitter pages.